Buddha Buck (blaisepascal) wrote,
Buddha Buck

Halfway there

In mid-June I weighed in at the doctors at about 315 pounds. When I visited my mom at the end of June, my step-dad gave me the "with your health issues, if you don't do something, you're gonna die" speech, and pushed low-carb, ketogenic as a diet choice. I started that on July 4th.

Today when I stepped on the scale, it read 277. Also, my fasting blood glucose was in the range of 200 mg/dl while taking 100 units of Lantus (long-acting insulin) and 45mg of Actos (diabetes drug)/day. I'm now surprised when the fasting glucose is much higher than 140, and I'm taking 60 units of Lantus and no Actos. I believe my A1c in June or July was 7.6, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it is in October. (I'm also on Metformin, but no change in that prescription)

My goal has been 250, as that's what the skydiving clubs in the area have posted as their maximum weight for their tandem jumps. That means I'm over half-way to that goal.

Vegetarian ketogenic diet is hard, since few high-protein vegetables are also low-carb -- and carbs are in almost everything. I've been trying to keep to less than 20g net-carbs/day, and I certainly don't greatly exceed that. But it means I'm eating a lot of eggs and cheese, with a decent amount of salad and Morningstar Farms products thrown in for good measure.

I've found the site Linda's Low-Carb Menus & Recipes to be very helpful. So far, I've made two casseroles from the meatless main-dish page: a mushroom spinach quiche and a chile relleno bake. The quiche is great, but the chile relleno bake is a bit too spicy for me, at least how it came out.

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