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I went to the doctors last night...
I went to the doctors last night. That it was at night wasn't surprising, since I've found it convenient to, whenever possible, schedule my routine appointments for the last slot of the evening (8:20pm) on Tuesdays. This appointment was at 8:20pm on a Tuesday.

Of course, I had to tell my doctor about the LCKD. He was unfazed. He wondered if the Qorn products might be a good alternative to try. Overall, he liked what he saw: the legs are much better, much less swollen. The weight is down 15 pounds. My A1c is down to 7.6%, which is about the best he's ever seen it in me. My blood pressure is down to 100/50, which he's a bit concerned about, and wants me to keep an eye on it. He is considering eliminating one of my hypertension drugs because of that. He didn't seem to mind the self-monitored lowering of the Lantus that I'm doing. He wants me back in 3 months, and to keep up with the diet and exercise. The next appointment is at 8:20pm on a Tuesday (Oct 13).

I am not seeing a dose-dependent effect with the Lantus. When I took 100 IU/day 5 days ago, my morning(fasting) and evening blood sugars were around 150. When I took 80 IU/day more recently, my blood sugars were around 150. When I took 60 IU/day yesterday, my fasting blood sugar this morning was 150. Either I'm experience a peak dose effect, the Lantus isn't doing anything, or my diet is dropping my blood sugars fast enough to compensate for the decreased Lantus. I can either cut more Lantus and see if my sugars go up, or I can hold the Lantus and see if they go down.

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I wonder if there is any research about Lantus hitting a ceiling?

I don't know, but I'm leaning towards the ketosis is kicking my sugars down faster than dropping the lantus is kicking it up.

I took my fasting glucose this morning; it was 150ish. I took half my (reduced) daily dose of Lantus this morning, and ended up eating too many carbs (about 30g net). My evening glucose was 130. I skipped the evening dose of Lantus. I will see where things are tomorrow morning.

How was it this morning? (timestamps are confusing)

I sent you a google sheet which should help.

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