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Update on the leg
In my last post about my leg issues I ended one paragraph with "More when that happens." It's happening! Well, it's on its way to happening.

Since last week, I've been taking antibiotics to fend off any lingering traces of cellulitis. I have about a weeks supply left. It seems to be working well, and I have another 10 days refill available if I and my PCP feel it's necessary. My leg no longer feels warm, inflamed more than usual, nor does poking it hurt very much. The fluid pocket still appears to be there in my calf -- if I poke the right spot, it's still tender, and feels a bit swollen to me -- but it's not the active major pain it was.

Over the past couple of months, the pain in my leg has been moving, as if there are several things going on and I can only feel one of them at a time. First, my knee ached, then hurt. Complaining about the knee pain to my PCP got me an orthopedist referral. Then my calf hurt, and the knee pain seemed to go away. Eventually, I took the calf pain to my PCP's office, and they (unintentionally) sent me to the ER, where they found cellulitis and the fluid pocket. Antibiotics worked to take away the lower calf pain, leaving just the charlie-horse pain from the fluid pocket. Over time, that has faded, unless I prod just the right part on the leg. It is at best an ache now. But when that faded, the pain went back to the joints: left knee, right knee, right hip. For a day or two both knees were hurting bad. I figured the hip was hurting because I was walking funny and stressing it in unfamiliar ways, and the right knee was probably similar -- compensating for the left hurting put the hurts on it, too.

Right now, the left knee feels slightly achy, but a bit weird, with the anticipation that if I do something wrong it could hurt a lot. The right knee and hip are back to their normal pain-free. The left calf is also slightly achy where the fluid pocket is.

Anyway, back to the update.

The orthopedist's office said they needed pre-clearance from my insurance company before they could schedule the MRI, and they'd get back to me when it was scheduled. That was last Monday. On Thursday or so I got a voicemail from my insurance plan. As they won't actually discuss any specifics on a voicemail (for privacy reasons) the message was pretty mysterious. They were calling about my health plan benefit, that it wasn't urgent, and I'd be getting a written notice anyway. I couldn't get a sense of if this was them saying it was approved, or if it was them saying it was not approved. But I didn't hear anything from the orthopedists.

Before I could call them today, they called me. I don't have an MRI scheduled, but I have a pre-MRI medical phone interview scheduled, at which point the MRI will be scheduled -- and then I need to call the orthopedist back to let them know, and to schedule the post-MRI followup. So things are progressing, just not as straight-forward as I'd like.

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