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Breaking up is hard to do
As of last night, skitten and I are no longer a couple. The breakup was relatively amiable and mutual, and we remain friends. Which is good, because like all long-term couples we are entangled in ways which will take a while (years, maybe) to separate. This has been coming for a long time, so the talk we had last night was more saying-what-had-been-unsaid than a fight.

I think in the long run, I'll be happier, but right now there's a certain amount of sadness at the loss, expected as it was.

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It was the right thing to d0. I wish you grace as time works its magic as you move forward with your life.

I agree with JOseph but I would have been happier if you had waited forthe public proclamation- I'm not celebrating this but it was time. You are a good person & I'm grateful you have been in my life.

I'm not totally surprised. But it's good that it was done with the minimum amount of bitterness. As I don't have to tell you, the passage of time will bring healing...

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