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Esoteric question: A string of cash.
I've got friends with esoteric knowledge. Does anyone know how to make a string of cash (Chinese coins)?

I've found plenty of online references which say that the coins were stored on strings, that the standard size of a string of cash was nominally 1000 coins, split into 100 coin sections (each section less the coin-counter's share), etc. But nothing which says how they were tied.

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This is not the question I was thinking based on the title.

I suspect our friend the numismatist might have some ideas. I'll ask him next time I see him.

Tonight I laser-cut 196 ¤5 "coins", and strung them up in a way that works, but I'd still like to learn the "proper" way.

(In case you are wondering, I'm designing and making generic money tokens to be used for board gaming and the like. I'm planning on doing denominations of ¤1, ¤2, and ¤5, and using bundles of 10 tokens for ¤10, ¤20, and ¤50).

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