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No Fresh20 this week.
Between having lots of leftovers, buying homeowners insurance, and going to a folk festival this weekend, I am out of funds and can't afford to shop for the Fresh20 stuff this week. Next week, probably.

We have lots, and lots, of flatbreads (10 naan, 8 tortilla, and a bunch of pita), plus pasta, beans, rice, etc, so we aren't going to go hungry, or even need to eat out.

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Freeze the flatbreads. They have a pernicious tendency to go moldy in between the individual pieces, in such a way that it's not visible from the outside. Then you go to defrost some at the last minute, and it's a science project :-(

We filled out paperwork and gave money to the insurance agent, so, yes? I'll feel more confident when we have policy documents in hand.

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