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Dinner the past week.
Another week, another set of dinners from The Fresh 20.

As usual, 5 meals were planned for this week. Unlike the previous week, we didn't wimp out on any, but we still didn't eat all of them (yet).

Monday: Grilled vegetable pasta / Balsamic strawberries

The grilled vegetable pasta was onions, zucchini, peppers, etc, grilled (roasted, for us), and mixed with pasta and beans. The balsamic strawberries were strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar, then served on Greek yogurt.

This went well. We were pressed for time, and ended up being late for other things. The strawberries became a late-evening snack.

There were left-overs. This made a lot of pasta and veggies.

Tuesday: Coconut Brown Rice N' Beans / Peach Salsa

I am still surprised at how well I'm enjoying the brown rice in this plan. I don't know if it is how it's being cooked, or if it's the style/brand of rice, but this stuff isn't chewy like brown rice has been in the past.

For this dish, the brown rice is cooked in a mix of coconut milk and broth/stock (vegetable broth in my case), and mixed with beans and scallions. The peach salsa is a mix of diced peaches, bell pepper, tomato, avocado, cilantro, and lime juice.

The two dishes complemented each other well, with the rice&beans being hot, the salsa being cold; savory and sweet. Both were enjoyable.

There were left-overs. This made a lot of rice n beans and a lot of salsa.

Wednesday: Egg Gyros / Strawberry Peach Skewers

We ate leftovers. We needed to reclaim the fridge space. We will try this dish on Sunday we think.

Thursday: Strawberry Panzanella Salad / Naan Crisps.

This was basically a big salad made with lots of veggies (onions, pepper, basil, strawberry, avocado, spinach, beans), pasta, and toasted naan bits. Overall, it was good.

There were left-overs. This made a lot of salad.

Friday: Grilled Veggie Pizza / Baked Peaches.

We are not going to make this today; hopefully we'll get around to it. We are heading out of town, and can't make it.

Cost-wise, this was a bit of an expensive week. The estimated cost for the Fresh items was $70.50, and we spent $88.67. The majority of the overage came from strawberries and cashews, which were $4 and $7 over estimate each (or $11 of the $18 overage). Some was simply us buying more than we needed (15 naan instead of 12, 4 cans kidney beans instead of 2, 18 eggs instead of 8, 1 bunch of scallions instead of 2 scallions, etc), some was things being more expensive than estimated (avocados are estimated at $1/ea, we pay $2/ea, etc).

I bought flax oil to use in dressings rather than olive or grapeseed. I feel that with the increased number of dressed salads in the Fresh20 plan, it'll be a good way to boost my omega-3 intake relatively easily. That was $15, but not included in the price above.

The spreadsheet I previously linked to has been updated.

Next week is quinoa cakes/romaine & charred corn salad w/ avocado dressing; vegetarian cobb salad with miso vinaigrette; penne with white beans, tomatoes, and spinach; muchroom caprese panini; and grilled peach and tomato panzanella.

I definitely need to figure out how much a "bunch" of basil is. The amount we are using is threatening to kill our backyard plants.

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It's a good thing I didn't take you up on your invitation for lunch today.

You say that this week was a bit expensive but you seem to have spent less than you have on previous weeks?

Since I have been keeping accurate records, this week we spent more money on things called for in the meal plan. We also spent more in total this week as well.

The difference is that I didn't talk about the stuff not on the list we also bought, which I did mention before.

The details, including the extra stuff, broken down by pantry, fresh20, and extra, is in the spreadsheet I linked to previously.

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