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Updates on projects.
So progress has been made on some of the projects I mentioned last time.

I spent about 2 days in coding to write the gear generator programs to my needs. They can be found at https://github.com/blaisepascal/gear_generators for those interested in looking at them. I do not have a lot of Python experience (this was the first non-trivial thing I've done) so the code isn't very pythonic. If you'd care to review and comment on the code, I'd be happy to listen and learn. (Also, being github, forks and pull requests are welcome.) The gear generators are capable of generating internal and external involute gears, as well as one type of cycloidal gears (not the kind normally used on clocks, though). I may add more gear-forms in the future (like clock-style cycloidal gears).

The new gear generator programs allowed me to make another pass at the clock design today, going as far as to put together stuff out of wood, cardstock, and machine screws&nuts. I cut front and back panels for the clock out of 1/8" birch plywood, and sandwiched between them two layers of 1/16" cardstock gearwork. One layer has a 60-tooth cycloid gear meshed with an 18-tooth cycloid gear that overhangs the edge of the clock as a thumb-wheel. The second layer is a 12:1 planetary reduction gear, with an 11" static ring gear and a driven 1" sun gear. The sun gear is pinned to the 60-tooth gear in the previous layer, so turning the thumb wheel will drive the whole mechanism.

The cardstock isn't really stiff enough to be the final mechanism. Despite the stiffening from the wooden outer layers, there is still enough flex that the gears (especially the thumbwheel) come unmeshed from each other. But it's cheap to iterate through designs with. There are a few changes I'll make going forward. There always are.

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It's cool that you are making gears.

How is the CNC machine coming?

The 2 CNC machines at the Makerspace need a champion, and I'm not it. Right now, they are collecting dust, mostly.

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