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Productive Day, or: Treading Water
Today I:

  • Sorted through my big pile of tools, organized some of them, and otherwise neatened up the pile.

  • Went to Agway to get a replacement 1/4" socket driver which seems to have gone walkabout -- hence the sorting through the tools

  • Replaced the broken tail-light assembly on my car with a new one which arrived yesterday in the mail.

  • Cut out the lid interlock switch on my washing machine, replacing it with a wire nut, so that the machine will now drain and spin the clothes it's trying to wash. Bypassing a safety interlock reduces the designed safety of the machine, but as long as we don't try to run it with the lid open, we'll be fine

It's a good list, but I can't help notice that it's: replace a lost tool, fix a broken part, strategically break something so that it works. At the end of the day, I'm where I should have been, not ahead.

It's exciting to think I did so much; it's depressing to think it didn't get me ahead.

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*Decapitates nearest politician, hands you the tasty bit*

There, now you have a head. Barbecue sauce?

Grotesque silliness aside, I'm deeply familiar with and empathize with your frustration. Entropy sucketh mightily, and not in the good way.



Depends on your definition of ahead.

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