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I'm home!
They released me today, and I stopped by the office to drop off the flowers they sent me. Judy was afraid I was going to sit down and start working, and Jeff was surprised that it had gone from Tuesday my leaving saying "I'm not feeling my best" to emergency organ removal[1].

I am not supposed to drive until the pain goes away completely, or I have my follow-up appointment (next Friday), whichever is later. I'm not supposed to lift more than 30 pounds for 3 weeks. They encourage walking and movement, as it helps the body absorb and process gasses introduced in the laproscoptic surgical process. I have been prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin) and pain pills (Percoset[2]), the first I'm supposed to take until it's gone, the second as needed for pain.

I expect to be back at work on Monday, but I don't know when I'll return to the gym. I'll be up and about this weekend, but probably not too much out and about.

[1] Best explanation: my pain scale is shot. When I went to the hospital with kidney stones, I felt discomfort, but not really what I'd tend to describe as "pain" per se. Even when I was explicitly describing that I was having symptoms of shock (chills, tremors, sweating) I wasn't necessarily feeling pain. So what to me is "not feeling my best" might be, to other people, be agonizing pain. Pain is funny like that, and I seem to have inadvertently hit the more stoic side of it.

[2] No, I will not give you any I don't use.

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For what it's worth...

When IDK had his appendix out last year, it was "Mom, it hurts a little right here." I poked the area and he flinched. Echoes of Zahde's appendix adventure floated through my head and I packed him off to the ER. Blood test showed elevated WBC count, so I insisted we stay put. Got to ER about 9, had ultrasound by 1 am, admitted by 2 am, surgery at 7 am. Yeesh.

He never complained about any serious pain and refused to take his pain meds. He was, however, EXTREMELY reluctant to get up and move the afternoon after the surgery, which meant I had to take a walk while the nurses bullied him. I have informed him of your now shared adventure. He is not interested in comparing scars.

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