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Shy one internal organ.
If you haven't heard it from other sources by now, become aware that I am now one appendix less than I was on Tuesday.

Sunday I started feeling pain in my abdomen. Not much, just maybe a dull ache. Like gas pain, or constipation, or hunger. But eating, going to the bathroom, or farting didn't really relieve it.

Monday it was still there, stronger. Deliberately eating to see if that would relieve it didn't work, but it wasn't really strong enough to stop me from doing stuff.

Tuesday it was even stronger. I was also off my feed. Breakfast tasted unpalatable, no good flavor and full of unpleasing textures. I ate about half of it I left work early, noting that walking made it hurt more than just sitting.

Skitten insisted that I go to the doctor, so I walked over there at around 5 and made an appointment to see "Deb" at 7 (I assumed "Deb" is an Nurse Practitioner, since it seems standard for doctors to be Dr. Surname, and nurses to be FirstName). Deb listened to me, saw that my pulse and BP were elevated, had me lay down, and poked around my abdomen.

There's this test they do, where they lay you down, push on the area near the appendix, and then abruptly let go. The test consists of measuring how high you leap, flat on your back, off the table. I cleared a couple of inches.

She called in Dr. Midura, my PCP[1] who was also working that evening, for a consult. He, too, poked around my abdomen, and once again I jumped.

The two agreed: Appendix, go to ER, asap. Appendix hadn't even crossed my mind as a possibility.

I got home, told Skitten, and immediately ran into the next problem: Skitten's glasses broke on Sunday, and are now delicately held together by packing tape. She is (understandably) concerned about them coming loose and falling off her face while driving. I called Sheherazahde to ask her to drive, and while she headed down I took a shower, changed, and packed for a hospital stay: shove all my prescription bottles into a bag, make sure my laptop, cell phone, etc are ready to go, keys, wallet, glasses, bluetooth torc, all check.

We get to the ER at 9:15 and get out of the waiting room at 11. They are so busy I'm initially assigned to "hall bed 3" until they can get a room in the ER for me. I finally get a CT scan at 3 (it takes 2 hours for the contrast beverage to get to where it need to go) which shows a "big ole appendix". The new rush is now to get me into surgery before 8, which is when the elective surgery schedule starts and they would be unable to get me in then until the afternoon. I got into surgery around 7:15 or so.

Laproscopic surgery means I only have a few small incisions (which I haven't seen yet) rather than big incisions. But apparently the appendix was big, inflamed, and fragile. It tore a little as they were removing it. I'm glad I got in before 8, and I'm glad I decided to go to the ER that night.

They are keeping me here to pump me full of IV antibiotics and to otherwise make sure I'm not infected. They say I should be able to go home tomorrow.

[1] I remember growing up in the '70's and '80's when PCP meant Angel Dust, a powerful psychoactive stimulant street drug. I haven't heard that reference in a long time, but it still seems weird for it now to be the doctor I see most often.

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Ay-yi. I'm glad things went as well as they did, and that you'll be released from durance vile the hospital soon. Good Thoughts for your recovery and wellbeing.

I'm glad you are now on the mend!

When I read this "IT would figure you would have 2 of those" :) Feel better.

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