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My Makerspace, Indiegogo, and a new Laser Cutter!
My Makerspace[1] is trying to raise funds to get a laser cutter. We launched a Indiegogo campaign today to get the $3000 (in additional to other money we have access to) we need to buy a small professional-level machine.

The Indiegogo campaign is at: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ithaca-generator-lazerthon

It includes a video that shows the space, the people in it, and our goals as an organization.

If you can spread the word around, that would really help a lot.
If you'd like to contribute, that'd be good, too.

[1] I call it "my" makerspace because I was there for the first organizational meetings in May 2012, signed the paperwork as "Incorporator", and was elected to the Board as Treasurer. I guess that makes it "mine" as much as anyone can call a not-for-profit corporation "mine".

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Did you get the CNC mill going? I haven't seen a post about this stuff in a year or so.

I have been swamped with other things, and haven't worked much on the CNC mill. I believe the main stopping issue was a lack of bits to be able to properly test/configure/use it. Then bit rot set in.

It turns out that 3D printers are somewhat high-maintenance, but also more immediately useful than a CNC mill. A lot of the enthusiasm went to the two printers we have.

Last I heard a few weeks ago a couple of folks there were looking into finally getting the mill running again.

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