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C25K Week 1, Day 0.5 (take 2)
I'm not doing well today, but I did get out to the gym and onto the treadmill. I didn't finish day 1 of C25K though. I pushed a little harder, and almost made it as far as before. I don't know what good speeds are (unlike running on sidewalks, the treadmills are self-adjusting). Monday I tried 2.5/3.5 mph for walk/jog, and I found that near the end I was walking instead of jogging half the time. Today I tried 3/4 mph for walk/jog, so a little harder, but not much. I didn't find myself walking at 4mph.

But it's bitter cold out, and bitter dry out, and my throat isn't taking it well. I've been feeling worse and worse over the past few days -- not bad enough to keep me out of work, but bad enough to make me feel bad. I may decide to stay home tomorrow if I feel any worse. Skitten suggests I make a doctors appointment. It may come to that.