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Couch-2-5K, Week 1, Day...0.6?
I restarted the Couch-2-5K (C25K) program today. For those who don't know, C25K is a graduated program for transitioning from being a sedentary couch potato to being able to run a 5 kilometer race in about 9-10 weeks. It involves a 30-minute run two to three times a week, using interval training up until about week 6 (after that, it's one solid run, and the goal is to work on endurance and potentially speed). Week 1 is runs of 30 seconds separated by 90 seconds of walking. Week 9 is a 30-minute solid run.

It's also the beginning of the new year and the beginning of a new health plan. The new health plan reimburses me $200 every 6 months if I go regularly. It just so happens that a 6-month membership at the closest gym is $199. So if I can go regularly, I can go for free (well, a reimbursed free). So I signed up, intending to use the treadmills for C25K.

I started bright and early at 6:30 or so this morning, and I got 20 minutes into the first day's 30 minute run before giving up. I will be back Wednesday to try again.

This is not the first time I've tried C25K. The last time, I got to about week 6 when illness struck me and broke the routine. That time, I wasn't completing every run, either (the rule I followed, and will follow: I don't count a run unless I complete it. So if I try the Week 4 Run 1 schedule, and quit before I'm done, I keep trying it until I finish it before I go on to Week 4 Run 2).

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I bought an app for this for my iPod and have gotten partway through the program a couple of times myself. Maybe if you keep posting about it I will get motivated again... jenn

That's great. No gym near us at all, let alone getting reimbursed for joining. I'm stuck with walking around the halls when weather won't permit walking outside.

(Deleted comment)
I made a good decision, and a bad decision.

The good decision was to start as soon as was feasible after my new health insurance kicked in. So Monday I started, and followed up on Wednesday.

The bad decision was to start when I was beginning to get sick. That probably contributed to my not being able to finish either of those days. Wednesday at work was really rough in terms of how my lungs and chest felt. Thursday morning I felt a little better, and then I hiccough/coughed and a shooting pain in my chest convinced me that I was *not* better. I spent Thursday alternating between sleeping for 4 hours and awake for 2 hours.

Today I didn't run, in the interest of not pushing it. But I will try again on Monday, if not earlier.

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