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RB3 Update: We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.
On Friday, I did a 15-minute practice with the pro guitar before heading out to play Rock Band at the local Makerspace. I did manage to get past the training section that had been holding me up for days, putting me in a new section that was teaching slides (as in: "while holding this note, slide from fret 5 to fret 9 without lifting your finger off the fret board"). I only had about 2 minutes left before I had to go, and I didn't get the hang of it.

At the Makerspace, one of the other players (who has experience with guitar) tried it out. He noted that the strings were very sensitive, and easy to get lost on. After going through a training section or to to get the feel of it, we played a song with him playing Pro Guitar on "easy". He got something like 74% of the notes, but felt that it wasn't particularly realistic since it was all one-note-at-a-time, and no chords. We played the same song with him on "medium". He then noted that the display wasn't very clear about what he needed to do to play the chords. As he noted, evidently, some training is required. That was the end if the Pro Guitar experimentation for the night.

On Saturday, when I tried to play for 15 minutes, the system froze up hard, with the pro guitar dongle not responding. I had to reset the system, and even then it was glitchy. I abandoned the 15 minutes after only 3 or so minutes of actual practice out of frustration.

On Sunday, I tried again. The system was very glitchy, and I again abandoned the practice. I also realized that the Wii had been in Rockband3 for days, without being powered off. So I powered the system off, ejected the RB3 disk, disconnected the dongle, and have been letting the system cool down since yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, that'll make things work better this evening.