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PRo Guitar, no progress, sore shoulder.
I set the timer to 17 minutes (to give a little time to get the guitar, get seated, navigate to the lesson, etc, and still have 15 minutes of practice), and by the time the timer was down to 10m30s remaining, I was through all the lesson 2 sections I'd mastered before, and onto the section I was stuck on yesterday.

10m30s later, my right shoulder is complaining, my hand is cramping around the pick, and I've managed to play the 3-bar riff at 100% once -- I need thrice to proceed. So tomorrow I have to do the same thing, hopefully better.

I don't know why I'm finding it so hard. It's mainly a rhythm piece: strum a quarter note on the 2nd string, mute two eight notes on the 2nd string, repeat 5 more times. Since there's no mechanical difference between strumming a muted string and strumming an open string (with this controller), and 4 of the 6 strummed quarter-notes are open strings, it's basically DAHdidi DAHdidi-dahdidi-dahdidi-dahdidi-dahdidi, where all the di's and dah's are muted/open, and the DAH's are on the 3rd fret. The only cause I can see is that this is effectively faster than most of the previous lessons, where all the notes were quarter notes or longer.

Tomorrow I'm also going to a Rock Band session at the Makerspace. There is interest in the Pro Guitar, and some of the people there have experience playing real guitars (which I don't have; my musical experience is mostly woodwinds, and little formal training at that). I got a Mad Catz RB3 Pro MIDI adapter for PS3 to bring tomorrow, which should allow us to use this guitar tomorrow as well. We will see how it goes.