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Screaming at the TV (or at least, the game)
For yesterday's 15 minutes of Pro Guitar, I rather quickly got through the parts of the current lesson that I "mastered" earlier. I feel it's good warm-up and practice, and then hit a part with a new concept: muted strings.

Conceptually, on a real guitar, the instructions make sense: to play a muted string, lightly touch the string at a fret on the fingerboard so that your finger quickly damps out any vibration caused by strumming that string. However, this MIDI-controller guitar doesn't have strings over the fingerboard, it has buttons which can be pressed or not, and the system has no way of telling that they are "lightly touched". So how am I expected to play muted strings on this thing?

Near the end of the 15 minutes I figured out that it seems to work if I play it like an open string. I don't think it's ideal, but it seems to work. I still wasn't able to get through that section by the end of the 15 minutes, though.