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Today, in Rock Band....
I got home from work, we ordered dinner and watched a couple of episodes of NCIS, then I turned on Rock Band.

I am getting a lot of practice with the 2nd real lesson segment of the RB3 Pro Guitar trainer. The format of the lessons are a series of "sections", which consist of a pattern to play on the instrument. In order to master a section, you have to play the pattern thrice, not necessarily consecutively. Each section is rather short, only about 8 bars long, so assuming I've truly mastered it I should be able to get through each section in under a minute, and through the lesson (of 7 sections) in about 5 minutes.

This is my second day of working on this lesson in 15-minute intervals. I think the best I've done in one 15-minute session is get through 4 sections and start work on the 5th. Tomorrow I'll start afresh with the first section again.

15 minutes/day isn't much, and it certainly isn't the hours/day others practice with a real guitar, but it's better than 0 minutes/day, or 15 minutes every other day, or "whenever I can be bothered to pick it up". I am showing progress. The blisters on my right hand are healing nicely now that I've figured out how to use a pick for this. But my hand is cramping up around the pick. I can only imagine that either (a) this is normal for beginning, and my hand will get used to it and it'll stop cramping/hurting, or (b) I'm holding the pick wrong, either in a bad grip, too tight, etc.

After the 15 minutes of practice with the pro guitar, I put down the pro guitar and picked up the 5-button guitar and went through about 19 songs with skitten on vocals and me on guitar. It was fun.

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You are the second person I know that expanded on these games.

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun & I'm glad. Yes, I'm still reading, too. (^_^)

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