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Who's still reading this?
Just wondering.

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I am. I don't comment often, but I am reading.

Happily, and fairly often. I miss what livejournal was.

*Waves* Still readin'.

I'm still here. I prefer journalling to just posting memes.

I'm still reading. Sounds like you're having fun with MIDI. Whatever became of the MIDI accordion or concertina?

Currently the active electronics (Arduino, MIDI Synth shield, speaker) are breadboarded up to 24 momentary-on switches to act as a 2-octave MIDI organ.

I am waiting for my makerspace to get a laser cutter, at which point I'll start working in earnest in making the concertina-shaped case and wiring it up fully.

Me, mostly because someone has to keep an eye on you.

Me, need to get back to you about that midi guitar post :)

Please do. I figure if I build/buy a General MIDI sound module with speaker, I should have 2 instruments to drive it. If you want, I can even bring it with me next time I should see you so you can check it out (you do play guitar, if I recall).

I do, from time to time.

We are still here, albeit often belatedly.


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