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Pro Guitar progress
I'm doing a timed 15 minute/day practice with the Rock Band Pro Guitar. Sometimes I play it w/o the timer running, but that doesn't count towards the timed 15 minutes.

Yesterday I managed to get completely through the first lesson, which consisted mainly of practice timing and simple fretting on a single string. Practicing slowly, that is. Roughly speaking, it's basically playing the just the first note on every bar, or perhaps every other bar. There were 8 parts to the first lesson, the first was open E string, the second was fretting the E string, then the next five were fretting on each string individually, and finally the last was a "blues riff", which used two strings, with fretting.

The second lesson was "learn the parts to this song", and was structured similarly. The song was Hardest Button to Button by White Stripes (which has a really neat video, so click that link to see it). The "Easy" level for this song seems easy: only the lowest two strings, only one note per bar, and only 4 different frets (1, 2, 3, and 5, not in that order), and only three different song parts (like verse-chorus-bridge, the parts may be repeated in the actual song). When I first attempted the first part I geebled, and was glad my 15 minutes were up.

Today I had to start with the song lesson, since it's where I was. I was able to, with some effort, get through it, all three parts, and finished that lesson. Of course, the next step is to "beat the song", which means to play it, in game, with Pro Guitar, and get 3 stars. My first attempt I was proud to just finish the song without failing it (making so many mistakes it kicks out out of the song). I got 1 star. The second attempt had my 15 minute timer go off in the middle of it, but when I finished, I had 2 stars. Obviously, this means that tomorrow I'll go for attempts #3 and get 3 stars. That's how this works, right?

I'm getting there. The next Rock Band 3 game at the Makerspace should be next Friday. I'll bring along the guitar, but I don't know if I'll try playing it with other people. I'm perfectly willing to let it be played by others, which is half the reason to bring it.