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The only exceptions are Gallagher and Five Man Bucket.
When I woke up this morning, the title sentence, or something like it, was in my mind.

I know who Gallagher is, but Five Man Bucket appears to be invented whole-cloth. Google turns up nothing.

But clearly, it, and Gallagher, are the only exceptions to some general rule (also lost in the midst of sleep).

So... Any ideas what Five Man Bucket, and the general rule it is an exception to, could be?


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All Mosad assassins are Israeli, except for Gallagher and the native american Five Man Bucket.

Prop comedian/hard-rock band collaborations are doomed to fail, except of course for the surprising mashup of Gallagher and Five Man Bucket.

Watermelons? This time of year? We're all sold out, except for our shipments to Gallagher and to Five Man Bucket.

Hmmm, the hard part is pithily explaining what Five Man Bucket is...

Re: For example....

a buket of beer that would satisfy 5 men?

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