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Forgetting to pay bills, and stuff.
I found out earlier this month that I haven't paid my ISP, Time Warner Cable, since February.

My bill-paying technique is an attempt to forget about things as much as possible. As such, I have automatic bill-pay set up through my bank to pay my main recurring bills (insurance, student loans, car loans, utilities, etc) every Friday (payday), and to do this indefinitely. So Friday morning my paycheck is automatically deposited, and by end-of-work, all my bills are paid.

The one catch is that I have to tell the bank when the bill is due, not when I want to pay. It takes a business day to pay electronically (which all my payments are), so I have to say they are due on Monday. When the bank is closed on Monday, they can't pay on Monday, so reschedule to pay by Friday (so the bill won't be overdue). That means the bank tries to take the money out on Thursday, disasterously. I get a series of emails saying "we couldn't pay this bill, so we're going to charge you $25 in overdraft fees". So the week before a holiday, I have to go in and reschedule all the bills so they will be paid by Tuesday so they'll try to take the money out on Friday. This "tell us when you need the money to get there, not when you want to pay it" is a convenience I don't find convenient.

So before Labor-day I spent some time rescheduling those payments, and I noticed that Time Warner wasn't on the list. Digging back, I apparently stopped paying Time Warner in February. I don't recall deciding to stop paying Time Warner. Time Warner is still giving me an IP address, so they don't seem to mind. Come to think of it, I don't recall getting a Time Warner bill lately, either. Perhaps I should look into it.

Today I looked into it. It's rather convenient that one of the Customer Service reps at the local TWC office is an old fraternity Brother of mine, who moved to Ithaca when she was engaged to an old roommate of mine (I don't discuss the roommate with her, or vice versa, when I see him). Frequently, when I have cause to stop by the TWC office, she's working. This was the case today. It certainly cuts down on the "what's your name and account?" questions.

I found out a few things: (a) My bill was, in the past, $55/month. (b) My payments were $16/week. Even here, we can see a "problem", as that works out to 13 "monthly" payments of $64. So when I was paying my bill, I was rapidly accruing a credit. At it's peak, it was over $300. (c) TWC doesn't send a bill unless there is a payment to be made, so I haven't received a bill in a few years. Most importantly, (d) my current credit is $46 and my current monthly bill is about $62. So in October I should finally receive a bill.

I can drop about $6 of that monthly charge by buying my own cable modem, which would cost about $70-100.

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Do you need a particular modem? We have two, one that Patrick is attached to, but the other one is avalible. I can see if I can track it down for you if you'd like?

Here's a list of acceptable modems:


Just so you know, neither the $6/month nor the $60-70 for a new modem is a hardship.

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