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Went to the doctor last night.
The important bits: weight, down 7lb (or 3.2kg, 0.5 stone, or 0.23 slugs); BP: 102/58; A1C: down 3 points.

The BP reading was unbelievable, as I didn't feel light-headed, dizzy, or anything else I would associate with a BP like that. When the doctor retook it, it was a more reasonable 120/70.

This was a scheduled appointment to followup on the treatment plan for diabetes and hypertension I'm on. Last week, I had blood tests, so they were reviewed as part of this. While my blood sugars are still high, they are better, and in general all my out-of-spec readings are trending towards in-spec.

The visit was short, things are going well, and I should keep it up and return in 3 months.