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Daylight Saving Time
Generally, I don't like the idea of Daylight Saving Time. I don't think that it still fulfills the goals it was originally intended to, if it ever did, and has costs that aren't fully appreciated. It's well studied, for instance, that workplace accidents increase during the few days after the DST switchover in the spring.

So I'm happy to sign this White House petition: which asks that DST be eliminated. As with most of these White House petitions, it's a little misaimed, since the White House isn't in charge of legislation, but it can't hurt. At least it isn't asking the White House to do something that they are totally incapable of influencing.

Even so, the actual switch rarely bothers me on the day itself. I don't typically have anything scheduled for Sunday mornings, so I tend to turn off my alarm and just sleep in regardless. That I get up at 9 instead of 8 (or 11 instead of 10) is rarely a concern. This morning seemed to go a bit fast because of it (breakfast turned into lunch by the time I got out of the house, but no big deal). It may be more of an issue tomorrow, though.

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I STRONGLY prefer GMT-4 to the so-called standard GMT-5. I'd rather GMT-4 year-round. As such, i do not support the abolition of DST, but the abolition of 'Standard' time. We spend a mere 20 weeks a year on the so-called standard, and the changing is asinine. I stay on GMT-4 year-round, just means i'm well on time for part of the year.

The 20 weeks on Standard Time is new, dating back to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and started in 2007. Before that it was more 6 months of each.

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