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A scenario for my Role Playing friends...
So you're playing an RPG, in a party of adventurers, and your party turns a corner to be faced with a squad of orcs on patrol (for adventurers like you). A quick glance at the size of the squad tells you that the fight will be tough, and while your party will most likely win, it's not guaranteed and there will likely be some casualties.

As both sides are reacting and preparing for the melee, the NCO in charge of the squad of orcs squints at you through his helm, and says to you, in heavily accented Common, "Jonah? Is that you?" in a tone of surprise and recognition of an old unexpected friend. You have no idea who Jonah is.

What do you do?

This is written in fantasy RPG terms, but feel free to translate to the milieu of your choice.

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"No, Jonah's back at the camp. How do you know him?"

If I *were* Jonah, I'd know my questioner's name. I'm all for bluffing some intel out of the encounter, but if the game-master isn't a complete ditz the direct approach would be an abysmal failure.

"That depends on who's asking." This not only stalls for time, it's likely to get at least a little bit of information out the orc noncom.

(And I'm not even a gamer, although A. and squeektoy42 are.)

Edited at 2013-03-04 03:13 pm (UTC)

I think i'd pose as Jonah's brother. And see how far that got me.

"I might be. Who is asking?". Diplomacy can be much more fun than simply throwing fireballs. My college DM is the writer of the book "Rhapsody".

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