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The weather is too cold.
For some reason, I'm getting interested in restarting the couch-to-5k program. Unfortunately, it's subzero (Celsius), and I'm unwilling to run in this weather.

I started new meds a week ago, which is affecting my hunger (in addition to it's intended effect on insulin production and glucagon production). Yesterday due to scheduling issues, I ended up skipping dinner. Today I had a late breakfast/lunch, and ended up bringing home half my dinner. If this is a result of the new meds, and not something more serious, then this could be good for my weight as well. But it's also potentially making my wardrobe loose -- not good for jogging, when one has to hold up ones pants...

We will see how this plays out.

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Just a thought: if your pants being too loose is a problem, it's one of those good problems. You can get new pants, but you only get one body.

Pants not fitting is a sign of weight loss. The question becomes, is it weight loss for good or bad reasons?

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