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I'm thinking of getting a new laptop.
There's nothing particularly wrong with my existing laptop, except... It's slow, the screen is small and doesn't play well with external monitors (I can't get a virtual screen covering two monitors). It's several years old (I can find reviews online for it that are from 2009), has limited memory (4GiB max), etc, etc, etc. But it runs fine, really, within those limitations. The only major failing that takes it out of the "runs fine" setting is that the battery won't charge.

I've looked at the laptops at ZaReason, and while I'd like to support small businesses promoting Linux computers, I'm not sure how impressed I am on the specs with ZaReason. All of the laptops there blow my existing one away, except in screen size and resolution. I currently have a 15.6" display that can rock 1366x768 (although I'll have to check to see if that's what I'm currently rocking, that may be part of my problem). 3 of the 4 ZaReason laptops max out at 1366x768, and the 4th (doing 1080p) is both the most expensive and unable to take a 2nd hard drive.

EmperorLinux's laptops are much more expensive, TheLinuxLaptop is a very slick, glossy site with only 3 models and doesn't impress, LinuxCertified seems underpowered, and ThinkPenguin has inexpensive machines which get expensive quick as you bring them up to spec with the offerings of the other companies.

If I get a new laptop, I'd like it to have 8GiB of RAM, a 120GB SSD, at least an HD screen of any size, and a relatively recent processor, for under $1000, upon which I can run Ubuntu Linux. Anyone know of such a beast?

Maybe I don't need a new laptop. I don't use my existing one that much; only when I'm travelling or doing the books for Ithaca Generator. Maybe my money would be better spent on a 2nd monitor or SSD for my desktop machine.

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I thought the prices were a little high too until I talked to a rep. They gave me a list of parts and everything. It ended up not being worth my time to upgrade a basic unit personally. There were a few things that sold me. One was they are using better quality parts (hard drives, etc) on those upgraded parts (definitely better than you would find most companies using), they contribute up 25% to various free software projects, and three they gave a discount to me for being a student. If you want to use it the code is “Student”. It gets you 15% off. That is a pretty big discount! I don't know how long the Student code will continue working. I think they said it depends on how much abuse it gets.

Please own your comment; I don't know who you are.

They (and again, I don't know which company you are referring to) may be worth it, as you say, but it sort of goes against my idea of supporting a Linux-friendly business by cheating them with a bogus promo code.

how about just a new battery?

I recently got a new battery for my 6 year old Macbook. That's the only maintenance I've done on the hardware since it was new -- the lithium batteries don't last over 5 years or so. It still works fine, and I have a virtualized Ubuntu under the MacOS for when I need Linux.

H. was really promoting the macbook also. I balked at the 1200 price tag. Though they do seem to have a 8-10 year lifespan by the first user and then get resold.

8 Gig? Back in my day that was a server machine.

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