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Adventures in Eggs Benedict: looking locally
After my last foray into looking for Eggs Benedict at 5pm on a Wednesday evening, I got two suggestions for local restaurants which serve the things: Mahogany Grill, on the Ithaca Commons, and Sunset Grill, near Ithaca Collage. Neither fully meet my needs, unfortunately.

Mahogany Grill offers three variants on Eggs Benedict: Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine (with tomato and spinach instead of ham), and Crab Cake Benedict (with crab cakes instead of ham). I tried the Eggs Florentine, and was satisfied with it. Their poaching method yields round, globular egg yolks surrounded by a thin layer of cooked white, rather than a flatter result I've had elsewhere. Unfortunately, the Eggs Benedict variants are available only during Sunday brunch (10am-2pm, I think). Their evening menu does feature a mac and cheese which is very good, however.

Sunset Grill, on the other hand, does not have Eggs Benedict on their regular menu at all, and it is only an occasional special. Instead, I ordered their mozzarella sticks and their Spinach Mushroom Cheese omelette. The mozzarella sticks were excellent, with liquid cheese that didn't sear your mouth or pull out of the breading. Likewise, I was impressed with the omelette, or at least the sides. My rye toast was a hearty marble rye, and my home fries were spiced effectively and cooked to a thoroughness and color I appreciate. I would definitely consider Sunset Grill as a decent breakfast place in the future. Just not for Eggs Benedict. Ironically, the Sunset Grill closes daily at 3pm, long before the sunset.

I am still looking for more options for Eggs Benedict in the Ithaca area. Cafe DeWitt (in the DeWitt Mall) offers them during Saturday and Sunday brunches (in both traditional and Florentine modes), but I have not had a chance to try them yet. Still, Saturday and Sunday brunch would exclude Wednesday evening.

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State Street Diner? Manos? I've been out of the area for a long time, so I don't know who's still open, but most diners I know serve breakfast items 24 hours a day. It seems weird to me that you're having such a hard time finding a place that serves something so straight-forward.
On a more positive note, perhaps sometime when you are in my neck of the woods, we could go to one of the dozen or so places here that do serve it all day long.

State Street Diner is currently closed due to a fire; presumably they'll be back, but it's been a couple of months.

I don't believe Eggs Benedict is on the menu at Manos, although Manos does serve breakfast 24h.

Eggs Benedict is not so straight-forward once you factor in the Hollandaise sauce. That stuff can be tricky, and few recipes call for it. Poached eggs are also not common diner fare.

Hmm. Location, location, location. While I can think of a few places where Craig and I have eaten that only serve it during Sunday brunch, I can name two dozen that serve it 'round the clock, without even having to think hard about it. But that's here, not there.
Do you have a Perkins' Pancake House up there? They serve a EB that comes in different varieties as well.
And I disagree that Hollandaise is tricky. There is a fantastic never-fail blender version that takes only a few minutes to make and is indistinguishable from the slaving-over-a-double-boiler version. It totally blew my mind the first time I saw Laurel make it. I had to try it myself, and it was just too simple to believe that it really works, but it does.

There's a Perkins in Cortland. See my post of December 30th about my trip there for Eggs Benedict.

"only takes a few minutes" is an eternity in a busy kitchen, unless you can do something else while it's blending. I'd be interested in getting the recipe, though, since it may be easier to just make eggs benedict myself than to get it.

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