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A reflection on the Star Wars Universe...
I'll admit I haven't read much of the Star Wars Universe books, and mainly know of the movies, but something in one of the comments I read regarding today's announcement got to me...

The Star Wars movies are unusual for showing strong women characters. Take Leia, for example. In the first movie, she is introduced as a Princess, heir to the throne of Aderaan and member of the Imperial Senate. She is the leader/head diplomat aboard the Rebel Ship, she sends R2 on his mission to find Ben, secreting the plans on R2, in full knowledge that she may not survive the encounter. She does not scream, shirk, or falter when captured, does not give up the plans, or the location of the rebel base -- even under torture -- until the total destruction of her home world is threatened. She actively participates in her escape, and actively participates in the planning of the defense of the base and destruction of the Death Star. Similarly, in the other two films, she shows the same sort of strength of character, even when chained to Jabba in the skimpiest, most uncomfortable outfit imaginable. It is revealed she is the daughter of Vader, and has some attunement with the Force.

By the time the New Republic is being established, it's known that she is one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance, Daughter of two Queens, Heir to two noble houses (House of Antilles and House of Organa) (and who knows what on Naboo), former Senator, combat veteran, and nascent Jedi.

So why, when she married that nerfherder, did it form the "Solo Family"?