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New Computer!
After years of accumulation, my company is getting rid of old computers, either by selling them internally for $25 or by recycling them. There's about a dozen laptops and a dozen desktops going, and the good ones were claimed fast (as in, the email came in, and by the time I got to the pile two rooms away, the two best laptops were already claimed).

I put my claim in on what was possibly my first machine here. It's old, running a Pentium 5 on an intel D945GPM motherboard, but the large ATX case is in good shape, it's got a SATA hard drive and 350W power supply, and includes a card reader. The insides look dust-free. Getting a 6-year old case and power supply for $25 sure beats the nearly $100 it would take to get it new.

I also had a bank error resolved in my favor, to the tune of $175 or so. As such, I signed on to NewEgg and spent about $200 on a new motherboard, new CPU, and new memory. I would expect it to arrive on Monday, at the latest. So then I'll have a new machine!

For those interested in specs, it will have an ASUS motherboard running an AMD A6-5400K APU, and have 8GB of RAM in it. The MB supports up to 32GB, but I don't need that (yet). The graphics is built into the APU, and is Radeon HD 7450D.

I don't know the size of the HD yet, but I suspect it'll be sufficient. I believe I could live comfortably within a 120GB SSD, but I'm not getting one yet.

The goal is to have a box which I can upgrade into. It'll have 6 SATA ports, so I can add more storage, if desired (like an SSD). The memory isn't pre-maxed out, and I can also add an additional video card when I'm ready to rock multiple monitors.

I think it'll be fun.

Now... What to name it... the theme is diacritical marks. I've already used umlaut, circumflex, accent, hacek, macron, and risingtone. Any other suggestions?

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Any chance you can get a hold of 2 sticks of ddr2 ram?? Ive been trying to get some for the last 6 months (a certain Joe was supposed to order them but... :P ) and its all I need to get my rig off the ground so I can figure out what else I need to update...

You want a motherboard and Pentium 5 to go with it? The motherboard in the $25 surplus machine has 2 sticks of ddr2 ram. I don't know the size of the sticks, or their speed. I'll find that out probably tomorrow evening.

Well I dont really NEED that but why the hell not? Im not sure when I'd be able to get the dough to you for it though...

How about a really obvious one ~ tilde?

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