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Office coffee etiquette
What is the proper office etiquette when, after filling your coffee mug, there is about half a mug of coffee left in the pot?

In this case, it is mid-afternoon, and this pot exists because John already asked "If I were to make a pot, will others drink it?"

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The guideline in my office is that before about 2:00 p.m., you make a new pot by default. After that, you make a new pot only if you plan to drink at least some of it.

A good rule, but not quite the situation I'm dealing with.

When I approached the coffee pot with a 12oz mug (the standard size for office coffee, but twice the size of a standard "coffee cup"), there were approximately 18oz of coffee in the pot. After I filled my mug with 12oz of coffee, there was only about 6oz left.

What's the proper thing to do in this case? Pour it out? Leave it for the next person who wants coffee? Guzzle 6oz of hot coffee from my cup and top it off with the remainder?

As it is, I left it, and I was the next person who wants coffee. At which point, it was late enough in the day that I didn't make another pot.

I guess I misread your question, or left information out of my answer. At my office, if what's left is less than a cup, you dump it and either make new or don't, depending on the time of day.

At that time of day, i'd dump the pat and make at least a half-pot fresh.

If it's during the workday, you make the next pot, unless you're sure from past experience that no one drinks coffee after noon except you.

In a technology office? You make the next pot unless you're the last person in the building.

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