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Upcoming Scheduling, or lack there-of...
I just checked my pay-stub, and I currently have 94.16 hours of vacation accrued (as of Friday's paycheck).

It's mid-October, so there's about 2.5 months left this year -- 10 Fridays (not counting tomorrow). I get 3.08 hours of vacation time accrued each week. I will accrue 30.80 hours more vacation this year.

By the end of the year, then, I should have somewhere on the order of 124.96 hours of accrued vacation time.

If my understanding of the rules are correct, I can only carry over 40 hours into the new year, the rest has to be used by the end of January.

That's 3.5 months or so to use up at least 84.96 hours of accrued vacation time. Or about 10.62 days.

And I have few ideas what to do with it. Finances are tight -- buying the car put a greater strain on me than I thought -- so long trips, staying at hotels, etc, is right out.

Ah well, something to think about, and something to solicit suggestions for.

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You could speak to your boss about taking the slowest day of your workweek off each week for the rest of the year?


The week between Christmas and New Year's is traditionally very slow, maybe take that off?

Or arrange for half days for a bit?

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