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Upcoming Scheduling, or lack there-of...
I just checked my pay-stub, and I currently have 94.16 hours of vacation accrued (as of Friday's paycheck).

It's mid-October, so there's about 2.5 months left this year -- 10 Fridays (not counting tomorrow). I get 3.08 hours of vacation time accrued each week. I will accrue 30.80 hours more vacation this year.

By the end of the year, then, I should have somewhere on the order of 124.96 hours of accrued vacation time.

If my understanding of the rules are correct, I can only carry over 40 hours into the new year, the rest has to be used by the end of January.

That's 3.5 months or so to use up at least 84.96 hours of accrued vacation time. Or about 10.62 days.

And I have few ideas what to do with it. Finances are tight -- buying the car put a greater strain on me than I thought -- so long trips, staying at hotels, etc, is right out.

Ah well, something to think about, and something to solicit suggestions for.

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Dunno, doubtful. The HR guy wasn't hear today when I realized this issue.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, all but 40 hours of vacation time accrued by the end of December has to be used by the end of January or it is lost.

The rationale behind the extra month is so that we can spread the "OMG I gotta use up all this vacation time NOW!" out and not have a skeleton crew in late December.

If I had the funds to fly to England, I would give it to a contractor to work on our house (or the Tax Man... September 29th I paid off the 2012 City Property Taxes on our house, and September 30th I received the 2013 School Tax bill on our house).

I don't have a time machine, so going to your final Event Horizon party is out.

I did consider the possibility of a late-December trip to NYC, but I think the folks we'd want to try to stay with would be full-up hosting you ;-).

You could speak to your boss about taking the slowest day of your workweek off each week for the rest of the year?


The week between Christmas and New Year's is traditionally very slow, maybe take that off?

Or arrange for half days for a bit?

Take a week off and then work per-diem somewhere else. Double pay!

Spend time at home. Putter around the house. Read. Catch up on your sleep. Spend time with Kaaren. Play with the cats. Write. Masturbate. Whatever.

Well I have loads of time on my hands up here in Oswego. You know, just a hop skip and jump away-just a thought :)

Sure, but then I'd have to hang out with kenshardik, and who wants that?

Come to Boston for our Apple Cider Party!

Too late to ask for time off for it, and I won't have access to a car this weekend.

The Cider Party comes right on the heels of the Columbus Day Super Sekret October Pagan Gathering. Two major gatherings back-to-back, with multi-hour drives to and from, is a bit taxing. Especially since the SSOPG tends to involved Con Crud the following week.

I'd love to attend again; maybe we can work something out next year.

I would really love to see you but I understand this is a long way and a big expense in both time and money. I'd like you to think about coming down here perhaps in April of next year. It won't help you use your accrued time for this year but you can probably figure out how to use that anyway. Mid to late April is usually beautiful around here while winter is not. I should be able to help with some of the expense and I'll have accrued time off myself. I know it's my turn to come up but I really want you to see the new house. I promise I'll come up there next time.

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