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Computer down....
Last weekend I went "camping" (the quotes are because, although I was surrounded by woods, didn't have access to any businesses, and didn't use a motor vehicle from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, I still had close to 24 hour internet access, running water, heated cabins, and catered food, so how much was it camping?) in the Catskills. As I mentioned, I brought back a cold, which I am mostly over.

What I didn't bring back was my computer bag, containing my laptop, my Kindle, my wireless mouse, and the power cables for all that stuff. Please note that my laptop is my every-day machine. While I'd like to replace it with a beefier desktop machine, I haven't done so yet.

The bag went home with the conference organizers, and is now (after he dealt with the cold he brought home from the weekend) in Priority Mail from Philadelphia, due to be delivered on Monday. In the mean-time, I'm out my regular machine.

What I've been using instead is the Cr-48 Chromebook I got from Google as an early adopter a couple of years ago. Essentially, it's a browser, and just a browser. It's got a trackpad which doubles as a mouse button, a keyboard which has chicklet-style keys and is slightly smaller than a conventional keyboard, wifi, a 15" screen, all in a convenient netbook-sized package. (It also has a Verizon 3G data connection, if I were to enable it and subscribe) If it weren't for the fact that the battery died quite early, I would have found it a convenient machine for carrying around and browsing while out and about.

But as a replacement for my every-day box, it sucks. The screen is small, I no longer have the ability to connect it to a larger screen, and I can't middle- or right-click. The slightly smaller sized, and flat, keyboard means that my muscle-memory gets things wrong and make it hard to touch-type (and the low-contrast between the printed letters and they keys mean that in low-light conditions it's hard to hunt-and-peck, as well).

Worse, I'm trapped in the browser. While I tend to recognize that I spend a lot of time browsing, I also often times pull up something else (a calculator, a terminal window, etc). It's a little too restrictive. I found a course that looked interesting (nand2tetris), but requires running tools locally -- except I can't. This sort of thing has happened more than once this past week.

I'll have my Linux box back soon enough, and can pack this netbook away again. But for now, I'm using it.

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What is up with your phone? I tried to call you yesterday and got woman's voice saying "this Google subscriber is not available" or something like that.

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