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(no subject)
I've not been very productive at work this week.

Last Friday I was out of work to head to the Super Sekret October Gathering (as anarchist_nomad calls it publicly). This year I deemed it afterwards the "Adenovirus Exchange Program". I bring my local adenoviruses, which I have developed a healthy immune response to, and you bring your local adenoviruses, which you have developed a healthy immune response to, and we go home with each others adenoviruses, which we are not, respectively, immune to and feel miserable for a week.

Monday I came home from the October Gathering. Tuesday I went to work, but didn't feel all that well, and had a lot of email and other stuff to catch up done, and didn't get much done. Wednesday and Thursday the worst of the adenovirus exchange hit and I stayed home. Today there wasn't much direct to work on, but continuing planning form the previous two days (which I had missed). Without the context of the previous two days, my impact was less than I could have hoped.

I'm still not feeling 100%, and there are things I should be doing outside of work which are getting tangled up in this illness. I'm getting better, but I'm still going to be spending a lot of time sleeping this weekend.

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I started feeling a sore throat at the event and had my worst day was Tuesday. I feel much better now.

Since you are a few days behind me you should be better by Monday.

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