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If you have to say something every day...
...then every day you'll come up with something, anything, to say.

Today's 538 blog is a case in point. Nate Silver is fairly well-regarded for the 538 political poll tracking blog, but I've noticed recently that his blog posts seem to be geared to meeting the New York Times's goal of having new content, any new content, daily.

The post today is a perfect example, with the headline New Polls Raise Chance of Electoral College Tie' discusses how, if things lean just the right way for Romney, we could get a 269-269 electoral college tie and throw the election to the House of Representatives, and how new poll data make that more likely than before.

You might think that this means there's a serious possibility that this will be a close election, and there's a likelihood of rarely-seen Constitutional drama (of the likes not seen since 1824) could provide interesting drama!

It isn't until the 6th paragraph that he reveals that, in his simulations, the tie scenario came up only 0.6% of the time. Up from 0.3% from several weeks ago.

And yet, he managed to eek out a full article from this tid-bit.