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Banking issues...
I checked my bank balance today (in fact, minutes ago), and found a $0 available balance. This was surprising, as I knew I was low, but not that low. This account is set up to go to almost $0 every pay-period, and be topped up with my weekly "spending money" every payday. That it is almost empty the day before payday is not unexpected or unusual. I was checking my balance to, in essence, see where I was having dinner tonight.

Checking the detailed history, I found the last 3 transactions on the account were: a $40 "Draft W/D #9501", lowering my ledger balance to $0.94; a $25 NSF fee, lowering my ledger balance to ($24.06), and a reversal of the $40 "Draft W/D", raising my ledger balance to $15.94.

The difference between by ledger balance and my available balance is because of signature debit card transactions that have been approved but not cleared through the bank yet. That's expected.

I expect the $25 NSF fee is because the check was for more than the available balance, and so they bounced it.

The kicker is the $40 check. I don't write checks on this account. I'm not sure I have checks for this account. I might not ever have had checks for this account, since I know (from past experience) I do badly with checks. I have other accounts with checks, which I keep at $0 balance unless I actually need to write a check, then I transfer exactly the amount of the check, and I use those accounts for nothing but checking in that manner.

So I have a $40 bounced check for a transaction I have no memory of ever conducting. $40 is an unusual amount, too, as most purchases would come to an odd amount (like $26.43 or something).

My bank will show me a picture of drafts that they have received. I recently sent a $20 check to a friend in Boston to help replace a stolen bike. It cleared (different account, same bank), and I now have a poor scanned image of her signature. For this "Draft #9501"? "Image request cannot be processed with the information provided".

Curiouser and curiouser.

Definitely a reason to stop by the bank tomorrow and complain.

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Many of my online payments are ultimately processed as physical checks, but I'd guess your statement would show the payee if it was an online payment issued through their system.

All electronic payments that I know about show up as "Share W/Draw", not "Draft W/D". This is definitely against the normal pattern.

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