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Difficult Google searches.
Cheezburger.com today had a short animated GIF of a high-ranking church official about to get into a car, waving to the crowds, etc when one of his bodyguards reaches up and folds down the cross on the top of his head-gear, presumably made that way to make it easier to get into cars and such. The GIF was captioned "He's the Mercedes-Benz of the Catholic Church. You don't want him to get all scuffed up."

The thing is, he didn't look Catholic to me. He certainly wasn't Pope Palpatine. The beard suggested Orthodoxy, and the size and style of the head-dress (complete with collapsible gold cross) suggested someone high-up, like a Primate

The head-gear was distinctive. So I thought a google-search for images of hats worn by Primates would be a good start.

I should have realized that people sell hats with monkeys on them, and people put hats on monkeys, a lot more than they take pictures of Orthodox Ecclesiastical costume.

Someone else identified it as the Kirill I of Moscow, Patriarch of Moscow and All the Rus, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church. You can see the hat on the Wikipedia page.