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(no subject)
The car charger for my phone sucks. While it will keep the phone from dying, it doesn't seem to actually charge very well.

And even keeping the phone from dying is iffy.

I first noticed this as a problem a while ago when travelling out of town, using Waze (a phone-based turn-by-turn GPS navigation app). Of course, I had the phone plugged into the car charger the entire way. I was surprised when I got to my destination how rapidly the phone drained down to "danger" levels. But I figured that it was draining quickly in the "no reception" location I was at.

Then the other day I noticed that, when using Waze, that the reported charge was actually slowly going down. I know that Bluetooth, HSPA+, and GPS are all battery-hogs, but should it really be using more power than it's getting plugged in?

Today I was out-and-about around town. My phone was low-charge to begin with (under 10%), but I've got the car phone charger, right? It rarely ticked upwards in charge percentage, even after turning off Bluetooth. Every time I tried to use the phone without the charger (like when in a store) the charge ticked down. Finally, after being at 1% charge for a long time on the charger, I had to disconnect it for some reason, and it immediately died as if it had a dead battery.

(Strangely enough, I did try to turn off the phone so that nothing was being used, but for some reason it acted if my "power off" was really "reboot". I rebooted it several times trying to power off, until I gave up.)

This was over the course of 3-4 hours driving around and running chores. I even took to the hills, driving around a bit on country roads, both for the fun of it and for the charging time on the phone.

A similar amount of time, from a completely drained battery, on the charger at home, and it's at 100% and holding firm.

I think I'm going to have to find a better car charger.