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(no subject)
Earlier this year I went to visit a organization in Syracuse (which I shall not name because I'm to speak ill of them). I wanted to see how they ran things, and it turned out that they ran things badly. Once we found the place to go to the advertised open house, the response from the people who were there was "There's supposed to be an open house today?". We got to see the place, and talk to a couple of disgruntled members.

The organization's offices were across the street from a restaurant where I agreed to pick up skitten today (she had the opportunity to go to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this weekend. I didn't enjoy it when I last went, so she found a friend in Syracuse to go with. He lives nearby the restaurant in question). To find the restaurant, I needed to know where the disfunctional organization was again.

Since May, there has been some progress on their web-site: They've redesigned it, and in the process removed some things, like their physical address.

I suppose that since there's no way from their web site to find out where they are, they won't have anyone showing up to their open houses unexpectedly anymore. But punctuality is key: I see their open houses are scheduled for 7:00pm to 7:05pm.

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This sounds almost like you are trying to be funny.

Ahh yes, the Institute for cognitive research, donate now....VIA PAYPAL!

Um we do seem to have a lot of overhead for a 501c3...you could come to an open house...where....well we have them at hotel board rooms the office is somewhat tiny. Which hotel...well that changes...and when well somewhere between the 1st and the 29th of a month...and the time....7:00 to 7:05 in the morning, we don't usually get a lot of people showing up. But yes, well we really do enjoy being absolute fucktards.

The address was on the old web site, as well as other useful information such as their certificate of incorporation (they were/are working on 501c(3), but didn't have it yet).

When we went there in may, it was with the intent of seeing how another hackerspace worked so we could have some better ideas as to how to start one up in Ithaca. We were shocked to find it as disorganized as it was.

The newly redesigned website looks half-baked, and forgetting the address seems like a typical "oops" to me. The 5-minute open houses seems like they told their calendar software programmatically that the open house was at 7pm, but didn't specify a duration, so it defaulted to 5min. And then no one bothered to actually did QA on the site to see if it made sense before going live.

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