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It's nice to run across some "found money"
I deal with my finances on autopilot as much as possible. I have a tendency to spend what's available, so the best way for me to make sure everything is going to work is to have lots of things directly paid out of my bank on payday so the money is gone before I have a chance to spend it.

This has worked out well, but I'm finding things a bit tight right now. Yes, all the necessities are taken care of -- the property taxes are being paid, the car loan is being paid, the phone's all right, etc, but what remains for me to spend each week isn't lasting as long as it did. I'm uncomfortably dipping into savings when I shouldn't be. It's not a lot, but it's not good (I'm saving for a reason, on a deadline, so it's dangerous for me to do so).

I looked at my electric bill the other day -- something I don't do regularly, since I'm on budget billing and automatically pay every week anyway. It seems last September, without my knowing it, the budget billing amount fell by about $72/month. My current "account balance" is in the range of -$600 or so. At $128/mo billing, I could just not pay my electric bill for almost 5 months and I'd be fine.

That's a lot of money to just find, and it'll make things smoother for me.

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For now I've dropped my weekly payment from $50/wk (or $200/mo for 10 months, $250/mo for 2 months) to $32/wk (or $128/mo for 10 months, $160/mo for 2 months), which will mean I should continue to have a $600 credit, but at least it won't get bigger and free up an additional $18/wk for me.

Based on the Micawber Principle (Annual income £20, Annual Expenditure £20 0/6; result misery. Annual income £20, Annual Expenditure £19 19/6; result happiness) even $18/wk extra in the pocket will make things a lot easier.

The budget billing is scheduled to change in September, so I'm going to watch for that bill and adjust things accordingly.

It would be nice to figure a way to extract that $600 though.

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