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This morning I had a fasting blood draw. After two phlebotomists and three punctures later, I'm sporting multiple bandages and instructions to drink heavily and come back tomorrow.

Which means that, starting at 8:30 tonight, I get to fast again. I wonder how much water I can drink tonight and tomorrow morning? A gallon easily. Can I do two? Is three pushing it? We will see.

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instructions to drink heavily

This is either the best doctor ever, or an indicator that they'll have some very bad news for you tomorrow.

It was either explicit or heavily implied that I drink water. No doctor involved.

(Deleted comment)
I apparently can have difficult veins. Either (a) big, but deep, so they can feel them but can't tell where they go well enough to stick them, (b) small, so they can't find them well with the finger or needle, or (c) big, healthy, but mobile, so that instead of getting punctured by the needle, they move out of the way.

This is the first time they basically gave up. In the past, I have managed to go through 3 phlebotomists and 4 punctures before they got a vein.

I've fallen off on the running. Right now my excuse is the heat wave across the north-east would kill me if I tried running in it. I believe I had managed to complete week 5 (the first week with running without breaks).

(Deleted comment)
I did complete Week 5, impressing myself with dragging through the 20 run. I will fully admit that my "running" was very slow, not much faster than walking really. I could still feel the difference between running (both feet off the ground with each step, arms bent and moving) and walking (at least one foot on the ground at all times, arms at side and swinging).

Week 5 is definitely the killer, as it goes from running at most 5min at a time to running 20min at a time. But I did it once, I can do it again.

(Deleted comment)
I admit I haven't run since this posting. I will need to restart, or at least test myself to see what week I should restart at.

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