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Don't mind me, I'm just jotting down some dates for research...

1486/09/19 Arthur, Prince of Wales born
1491/06/28 Henry, Duke of York (H8) born
1501/11/14 Arthur marries Catherine of Aragorn (CoA)
1502/04/02 Arthur dies
1503/12/?? Junius II issues papal bull, giving H8 a dispensation to marry CoA. The claim is that CoA and the sickly 15yo Arthur never had sex, so it's OK for H8 to marry her.
1509/04/21 Henry VII dies, H8 becomes Henry VIII
1509/06/11 Henry VIII marries CoA.
1516/02/18 CoA gives birth to Mary, the only child she had that survived infancy.
1527/??/?? H8 asks Clement VII to rescend the 1503 dispensation and annul his marriage to CoA, on the grounds that she and Arthur really did have sex. Clement VII says no.
1532/??/?? A series of acts separate the Church of England from Rome, putting H8 at head.
1533/01/25 After a secret marriage and pregnancy, H8 publicly weds Anne Boleyn.
1533/05/23 Archbishop Cranmer declares the 1509/06/11 marriage of H8 and CoA null and void.
1533/05/28 Archbishop Cranmer declares the 1533/01/25 marriage of H8 and Anne valid.
1533/09/07 Anne gives birth to Elizabeth.
1534/03/?? First Act of Succession illegitimizes Mary
1536/01/07 CoA dies
1536/05/14 Archbishop Cranmer declares the marriage between H8 and Anne dissolved.
1536/05/19 Anne is executed
1536/05/30 H8 marries Jane Seymour (he works fast!)
1536/06/?? Second Act of Succession illegitimizes Elizabeth
1537/10/12 Jane Seymour gives birth to Edward
1537/10/24 Jane Seymour dies from complications from the birth
1540/01/06 H8 marries Anne of Cleves
1540/07/09 The marriage is annulled by mutual consent on grounds they never had sex.
1540/07/28 H8 marries Catherine Howard
1542/02/13 Catherine Howard is executed
1543/07/12 H8 marries Catherine Parr
1544/??/?? H8 assents to the Third Act of Succession, which says Mary and Elizabeth can take the throne after any legitimate heirs of H8.
1547/01/28 H8 dies, Edward becomes Edward VI (E6)
1553/06/15 E6 signs the "Devise for Succession", naming his cousin Jane Gray as his heir, declaring his half-sisters not eligible because they were bastards.
1553/07/06 E6 dies. Privy Council
1553/07/10 Queen Jane is proclaimed by the Privy Council.
1553/07/19 Realizing they should have imprisoned Mary first, Privy Council looks at size of Mary's forces, and changes their mind, Queen Mary it is.
1554/02/12 Jane Grey is executed.
1554/07/14 Mary marries Philip of Spain, thus he became King Philip in name only.
1558/11/17 Mary dies, Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth
1603/03/24 Elizabeth Dies, with no heirs.


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small nit: Catherine of Aragon is from the eponymous area of Spain. Aragorn is the ranger in Lord of the Rings.

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That's "Jean Grey", not Jane Gray (or even Jane Grey, the actual name of the 9-days Queen).

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I'm still wondering why you aren't in Kyoto.

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Here's the thing: If you accept the annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon, then Mary was a bastard and could not take the throne. If you reject the annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon, then Elizabeth was a bastard and could not take the throne. Yet both did. How, over time, was their legitimacy recognized and rejected? For that matter, was there any shenanigans necessary to recognize the legitimacy of Edward?

For that it was necessary to chronologize all the events related to their legitimacy: the births, deaths, marriages, annulments, etc, with proper order more important than exact dates. Including the births of Arthur and Henry weren't important, nor was including the post-Jane Seymour wives of Henry. But while I was on a roll, why not?

For all of the dates (but one), only the Julian calendar makes sense, as Pope Gregory XIII hadn't even taken the papacy until all this mess was dealt with. Only Beth's Death (hey, I internally rhymed!) was after the Catholic calendar conversion (hey, I alliterated!). I will admit to approaching the New Years Day issue with some trepidation, and for the most part ignored it (even before 1752 there was a lot of common use of January 1 as the New Year, and a lot of people wrote dates with a slashed year, as in February 23rd 1653/4).

I did find the answer to my original query, though: The Succession to the Crown Act 1533 (passed in early March 1533/4, and often called the 1534 act) declared Mary a bastard. The Succession to the Crown: Marriage Act 1536 additionally declared Elizabeth a bastard. The Succession to the Crown Act 35 Hen. VIII c.1 (in 1543 or 1544) maintained their bastard status, but inserted them into the line of succession after all legitimate heirs of Henry VIII (ultimately, just Edward).

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