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Long overdue update on running
The overdue update follows a long hiatus of running. My last recorded run in April was April 10th. As I posted on the 11th, it was the 2nd run of week 4 of Couch 2 5K.

A lot happened over the next month, little of it running. I missed a week or so due to a disrupted sleep schedule leaving too tired in the morning to run. Then, on the way to NEFFA, I speared my foot with a splinter. We took it out, but the foot continued to hurt (morris dancing on it probably didn't help much). Finally, on the following Tuesday (4 days after getting the splinter) we removed another piece of the splinter a good 5mm long. The foot improved rapidly after that. But I had fallen out of the running habit.

On May 7th, I ran again. I made the decision to start Week 4 over again, since I had been out of practice. Since then, I have run 5 times (on the 7th, 9th, 15th, 21st, and 23rd, according to my records), and have completed 2 runs of week 5.

As I said in April, week 5 isn't all one routine, but a combination of modest length of run increases (from 15m for run 1 to 20m for run 3) and decreases in the number of intervals (from 3 runs of 5m each to 1 run of 20m). Today I ran two intervals of 8m each. Friday (if I end up running on Friday, what with the holiday weekend) I'll really be pushing my endurance.

My jogs are slower now, barely faster than walking. I can clearly feel the difference between (really) slow jogging (arms pumping, both feet leaving the ground) and "brisk walking". The walking intervals are clearly easier and do give me a rest before the next running interval. Still, I haven't felt like "Please come to the end of the time interval before I die" in the last 5 runs, as I had occasionally felt at the beginning of the Couch to 5K program. I do want to increase my pace, but I feel building up my endurance is more important now. Week 7 on are all runs of 25-30 minutes, and would probably be a good time to slowly increase my pace.

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Slow movement beats no movement. Keep it up and you should improve over time. i read something recently that indicates than leisurely jogs are more beneficial.

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