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(no subject)
For the past week I've been feeling like I've been having problems with my BP: I've had worse edema than I've had for a while, I've had headaches, I've had (interlude: cute woodchuck outside my office window) tiredness, etc. Behavioral changes weren't effecting it. I was getting worried.

Yesterday my meds ran out -- more specifically, my weekly med container came up empty, and it was the time of the week to dig into my stores and refill it.

In doing so, I ran across a pill bottle that had barely been touched: it had way more pills in it than should be expected, and it was in my backup stash, not my current stash. My current stash didn't even have an empty bottle for that particular medication. And yes, the med in question is a blood pressure medication.

I've been on my full complement of meds for the past two days, and I'm feeling better. I think I just forgot to put that one med into my weekly med container for a week or two.

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Glad to hear that that was easy to resolve as it turned out.

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