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Writer's Block: Sporty Spice
Which sports team or sports figure is your favorite (from any sport)? Do you stick with them through thick and thin, or are you more of a 'fair weather fan'?

I am not, in general, a sports fan. Marginally, I root for my "local" teams, where the locality is defined by either were I am or where I'd like to be. As such, I am more a fan of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees than any other MLB team (I used to include the Mets as well, on the grounds that the Yanks are AL, the Mets are NL, and why couldn't I root for NY teams in both leagues? In truth, I'm apathetic about the Mets).

I probably would remain a Yankees/RedSox fan even if I moved. I don't have enough interest to change my mind. In the event of Yankees/Sox games, I tend to feel that my team will win.

My ex, very deliberately, switched his allegiances from Yankees/MetroStars to Red Sox/Revolution when he moved from upstate NY to Greater Boston. I teased him about it at one point when he was splitting time between the two locations and we ran into a Yankees/Sox game at a restaurant TV. Obviously, he'd have to root for each team in alternate innings.

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The Yankees and Red Sox are such arch-rivals that it's virtually unheard-of to be a fan of both. Nice work. :-)

I'm a Mets fan because my grandmother was, and I'm ambivalent about the Yankees because I'm a Mets fan. Since I don't care about the Yankees, I'm a Sox fan. I sometimes get funny looks from New Yorkers.

In reality, when I watch a sporting event, be it baseball, football, cricket or F1, I'm watching for the play, not the team. A double play is a good play no matter which team is at bat, an interception returned for a TD is exciting regardless of the colors on the jersey, a batsman getting a century is impressive regardless of the pitch, and a 3-second pitstop is fast regardless of the color of the car.

But really, my team enthusiasm is so low, it's easy for me to root for both sides of an arch-rivaly. I couldn't name any players currently being fielded by the Yankees or Red Sox right now (I guess Steinbrenner's no longer the owner, right).

He would be if he hadn't been dead for two years. :-)

I can grok what you're saying. I saw some basketball highlights last night, and could appreciate the beauty of the plays even though I really, really don't care about basketball. I find it pointless and I find its practitioners to be incomparably whiny.

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