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Job Posting: System/Network Admin in Ithaca.
My company is looking for a System and Network Administrator in the Ithaca area.

The main blurb at summarizes the position as:
We are currently seeking a Systems and Network Administrator to set up, configure, and support internal and/or external networks (LAN/WAN). This person will: develop and maintain all systems, applications, security, and network configurations; troubleshoot network performance issues and create and maintain a disaster recovery plan; recommend upgrades, patches, and new applications and equipment; and provide technical support and guidance to users.

We're mainly a Windows shop with a smattering of Macs and a couple of Linux machines on the network. We are split between three or four offices in NY and PA, connected via a VPN, and we have a few machines hosted by one of the big remote hosting companies.

If this sounds interesting to you, please apply. We also have other openings at


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