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My car is now, finally, properly registered.
You may remember that at the beginning of February I was trying to buy a car because our old one wasn't going to last long. Everything finally closed on February 3rd, and we swapped plates from the old car to the new, with the dealer having the completed registration paperwork in hand.

A week later, I got a call from the dealer: there was a problem with the registration because the old car was registered to skitten, and the new car was registered to me. The plates can't simply be transferred. So I needed to come back to the dealer and they'd put on new plates, I'd sign more forms, and it would be taken care of. I did that around the 14th or so. He put on new plates and a temporary registration sticker in the window. So that was a couple of weeks of driving around with an improperly registered car.

A week or so ago, the permanent registration documents arrived. I stuck them on my dash, but didn't get around to replacing the temporary registration (which hadn't expired yet).

Two days ago, I got a letter from the NYS Thruway Authority. A car registered to me with plates ***-3130 went through a toll booth in New Rochelle without paying the $1.75 toll on 28 March, and would I be so kind as to send them $26.75, the toll plus a $25 fine. Since my car was no where near New Rochelle on 28 March, I had a problem with this. Luckily there's an appeals process: say you weren't there and send in a copy of your registration.

My registration was in the car, so I went out to get it. On the way to the car, I noticed that my plates read ***-2130. My initial thought was that something was screwy with the EZ-Pass folks, but when I looked at my registration documents, it said ***-3120, as did the temporary registration in the window.

Which meant I had been driving for 7 weeks (or so) with plates and registration documents that didn't match. Sure, if I had been stopped, I could probably convince the officer/deputy/trooper that it was a clerical error and not a stolen car or anything, but I'm glad I didn't have to.

I went to the DMV yesterday and plopped a plate and my registration documents on the counter in front of a clerk. As I was beginning to tell my woes, she looked at them, her face went funny, and I didn't need to continue with my tale. There were issues. It got escalated so that the clerk and a supervisor were working on it. The plates I had were unregistered, and the 3130 plates were registered to me. The 2130 plates were dealer-issued, so the dealer had to be involved with registering them.

The initial suggestion was for me to go to my dealer and get the 3130 plates, something I didn't think would work because obviously those plates were already on a car in New Rochelle. Once they discovered that the 3130 plates were dealer-issued to a dealer downstate, it was clear that my dealer wouldn't have them.

Finally they took my registration and plate, told me to take a seat, and the supervisor went to see what could be done to fix this mess while the clerk went back to seeing people.

After a few minutes, the supervisor came back out, gave me my registration and plate, had me sign a new duplicate-registration form, and said that she had talked to the dealer, who faxed over correct paperwork, but they couldn't fix the situation here -- it had to be faxed to the DMV in Albany. Albany processes todays faxes tomorrow, so I should come back then (which, since this happened yesterday, was today).

I got the call from them today and went and got a new set of registration paperwork, matching my plates (I checked). The window sticker is stuck in the car, my registration and insurance card are in the nice leather folder in the glove compartment, and everything is properly documented now.

All done.

Except for telling all this to the EZ-Pass people.