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Trip to DMV today,
Yesterday when I got home from a trip to see Roller Derby in Rome (via Binghamton), there was a letter awaiting me from EZ-Pass: My car skipped a toll booth on the Thruway near New Rochelle on Wednesday, March 28th, at 14:15, avoiding a $1.75 toll. I need to pay the toll, plus a $25 fine, or the police will have to get involved.

The thing is... I live 4 hours away from New Rochelle. The car was no where near the Thruway on the 28th, and was very likely at that time parked in my driveway. There is absolutely no way my car could have done what they claimed.

They have an appeals process, which requires sending in a copy of my registration. Which is in my car.

When I was getting the registration, I noticed something: The violation cites plate NY Redacted-3130. The plates on my car are NY Redacted-2130. Weird that they should have my name and address associated with 3130, when my car is 2120. A close check on my temporary registration sticker (stuck in the car window my the car dealer), my permanent registration sticker (mailed to me via my dealer by the DMV), and the registration itself (ditto) show that they all clearly say 3130.

My dealer messed up. He took a set of plates from the stack that said 2130 and wrote down 3130 on the paperwork. So the DMV thinks I have plates 3130 instead of 2130. And the guy who really does have 3130 is the type of guy who'll blow through EZ-Pass booths without a transponder.

I need to go to the DMV today and see what needs to be done to take care of the plate/registration mismatch. The EZ-Pass fine will have to be appealed separately.

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Oh, Joy. May DMV do right by you.

They are trying. It turns out to be a complicated mess. Plates issued through the dealer have to be registered through the dealer. The initial suggestion was to send me back to the dealer and get the right plates, but then they realized that the plates on my registration weren't issued to my dealer, so my dealer doesn't have them.

A DMV supervisor has my plates and registration and is calling the dealer to figure out what's up with the paperwork to unravel this mess, and I'm sitting in the waiting area for them to get back to me.

I feel it likely a guy downstate is having, or has had, problems with the registration on his new car, too.

And I wasn't logged in via my phone for that reply

What a mess! Good luck.

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