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Boston Peeps! Looking for Crashspace
skitten and I are planning on going to NEFFA the weekend of April 20-22nd. Unfortunately, while we have arranged to be part of a Morris team, and Skitten has volunteered for the festival, we totally fumbled the "where will we sleep?" aspect of the gig.

Last year, we stayed with kinnerc in Somerville, but this year one of his friends decided that would be a good weekend to get married and have kinnerc in the wedding party. I didn't bother to ask him about it until tonight (a failure on our part, I know).

This leaves us with a quandry: Where do we sleep?

If anyone in the Boston/SE Massachusetts area would like to offer us crash space, let me know.

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It might be helpful if you post this request to the Sooper Sekrit mailing list...

We're in town and have the downstairs open that weekend. You're welcome to stay here! (The only reason that didn't work last year is that my mother was coming to town, and then we were heading to Ireland).

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